Nintendo Switch with Windows 10

Installing other operating systems on the Nintendo Switch seems to be the next big challenge for developers around the world. After the successful development of Android and Linux, now someone has managed to install Windows 10 on the game console.


With one tweet the user imbushuo, sent two photos showing him working on installing Windows 10 on a Nintendo Switch. The news might not be of great value if imbushuo had not announced his previous job of installing Windows 10 for ARM on the Lumia 950 XL.

The photos reveal that the operating system can actually be deployed on the device, although for the time being it is stumbling into a crash and the boot fails with a blue error screen.

These are probably installation issues that will be addressed very soon, so it's probably a matter of time until Windows 10 for ARM is fully functional on the device. The Nintendo Switch itself comes with an ARM chipset, which means that running the ARM-based version of Windows 10 should be technically possible with a custom UEFI firmware and the right drivers.

Needless to say, these ideas usually receive acceptance and support from most developers around the world, as has been the case in previous cases.

UEFI firmware used to run Windows 10 for ARM on Nintendo Switch is available at GitHub for anyone who wants to support the idea and contribute to its development.

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