Finish the frozen fingers of gamers with Heatbuff

An imaginative one under the brand name Envavo manufactures the Heatbuff hand warmer and claims that it is the best solution for the frozen fingers of gamers and those who work at workstations.


Αν είστε φανατικός gamer ή περνάτε ατελείωτες ώρες πάνω στο πληκτρολόγιο λόγω επαγγέλματος, η Envavo έχει ένα to help your frozen fingers. He has designed a targeted space heater, which he calls it Heatbuff, and is designed to keep the hands of gamers warm.

This gadget at this time, due to funding, is in the Kickstarter. Also in Reddit you will find a related discussion three years ago that concerned gamers' concerns about how to keep their hands warm.

The Heatbuff heater works with infrared radiation and starts at $71. Our company assures that the they are in use and does not exist to heat up your keyboard. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

Written by Dimitris

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