Legal censorship of Russian media by the World Wide Web

A new era is dawning for the citizens of Europe, whose center of power now decides for them which content of information is compatible with its central geopolitics.
Journalism must be free and the citizen must be educated to read the news and opinions in order to draw a free and effortless conclusion.
The comparison of the two views through objective criteria is the feature of free and productive thinking that is based on their freedom of speech.
The education of the European citizen is therefore the goal and the basis to maintain human society at a level corresponding to the expectations of European culture, as it was born from the ancient Greek philosophy and was formed in the Enlightenment and taught to us.
Proven in the history of our continent, the times of any prohibition brought the darkest pages of world history.
Let's try as a way of life to be distracted by what the British author Evelyn Beatrice Hall (Voltaire's biographer) wrote:

"I disagree with what you say but I will defend until death your right to say it"

The Council of the EU has taken further restrictive measures in response to Russia's military operation in Ukraine, urgently suspending Sputnik and RT / Russia Today broadcasts to all EU member states or to the EU until end the aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. fb

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This is done with the aim, as they say, of stopping acts of misinformation and manipulation of information against the EU and its Member States.
This decision is a continuation of the corresponding decisions of the USA and other states.


There is already no access to Russian news channels on Facebook, while the Greek providers also banned access to them, including them in the category of fake websites.

For those who want to continue to have access, there is the VPN solution as we have presented in a series of articles at "Vpn" - iGuRu

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