NordVPN released NordPass: No thanks!

The NordVPN Virtual Private Network Provider (VPN) was released officially the NordPass password management application this week.

This release comes to reassure consumers interested in protecting their privacy and data. NordVPN

Of course the post-message is different when you look at the company's history, which we will mention below. In general, password protection and password management services have been gaining ground in recent years as more and more data breaches of accounts have been observed with the use of easy passwords.
But are passwords just the reason for the violations, or the reason for these violations to increase?

NordVPN was founded by 2012 and has (according to the company) 12 millions of users worldwide.

Recently (last month) NordVPN has been battling a hack on a company's server. Probably hackers they got the encryption keys, although it is not clear if any damage occurred (in addition to damaging the company's reputation).

Two weeks later, another investigation found that thousands of NordVPN users had fallen victim to attacks that led to unauthorized access to their NordVPN accounts.

The company said it did not find anything to link the latest hack to the older host server breach, and said it was due to the use of easy-to-use end-user passwords.

NordVPN hacked: not a hack is a violation the company reports

So she decided to launch the NordPass application to protect its users.

Because I won't get it

I must first say that all of the above seems to me suspicious. The release of the NordPass application at this time may serve other purposes not mentioned.
One scenario for me is that the company is trying to recover from the negative news that has been circulating online lately, damaging its reputation and customers.

The "possibility" of facilitating the second hack by the end user who easily uses passwords is convenient, as it does not blame the company, which some time ago ran to collect the first hack that took place on a server.

If I need a VPN, I will not choose a company with 12 millions of users because these numbers attract hackers.

Lastly, I am not personally convinced of the release of a password manager available to the public after all of the above.

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