NordVPN now offers its private Meshnet tunnel for free

Running on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS, NordVPN's private Meshnet tunnel is now free for everyone, even if you don't have a NordVPN subscription.

nordvpn meshnet

NordVPN launched Meshnet for the first time in June 2022, for a fee, allowing users to create private, encrypted tunnels between their devices, essentially creating their own VPN servers (virtual private network).

Meshnet is a way to securely access other devices, no matter where they are. Once installed, Meshnet works just like a secure local area network (LAN), meaning it connects your devices directly. This makes Meshnet ideal for activities such as file sharing, work collaborations and multiplayer gaming.

This feature can help users access data that is on another computer and they don't trust the Wi-Fi network they are using. You don't need to port forward and you don't need to open any ports in your firewall either.

How does it work;
You can install NordVPN's software on both the remote desktop and a laptop and configure them to be part of the same Mesh. Then, from your laptop, you can connect to the IP address assigned by MeshNet and gain remote management access to the computer as if you were inside the network.

MeshNet is not only useful for work but also for gaming, as you can invite friends to your Mesh to access internal, private game servers, regardless of the physical distance between them, and without opening ports in your firewall.

All users on the Meshnet can restrict others' access to their network, providing decent but not perfect control over shared resources. Clearly, it would be better if NordVPN added more detailed security permissions, such as specific IP addresses and ports you can access, as well as bandwidth limits.

Today, NordVPN has announced that the system will be available to everyone for free, while the Linux client is open source for increased transparency. Also Meshnet which allows users to share files of unlimited size. Both users must consent to the transfer so that the system minimizes the risk of transferring unwanted malicious files.

Does the fava bean have a pit?
Because some people may find it difficult to trust their network data to a private company, and the fact that it was paid and now is free may bring suspicion.

Such as explains the company in a press release, Meshnet is cheap to run, requiring a small portion of the company's massive global infrastructure (5.000 servers in 59 countries). Therefore, making it available to everyone will not result in a noticeable financial burden for NordVPN.

At the same time, NordVPN claims that this move is in line with its core value, to help make the internet a safer place for all users, regardless of whether they can afford a subscription to its products. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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