NOSEiD: Face recognition in a dog

A new mobile application, NOSEiD, promises to find you your lost dog by simply recognizing his face and specifically his nose.

We do not know if this is a joke or an imaginative attempt to make some money. A company, Iams, has released a new application called NOSEiD, which can scan dogs' noses and use them as unique identifiers to reconnect lost dogs with their owners.

The app can link dogs 'noses to their owners' contact information, similar to how fingerprints can be linked to specific individuals.

According to the company, the application aims to address " of America's Lost Pets. Stating that every dog ​​is irreplaceably unique, so are their noses. The company says nearly 10 million pets are lost each year and one in three pets will be lost at some point in their lifetime. Furthermore, only 3-5% of dogs are microchipped, so the company decided to come up with a new method: NOSEiD.

Η εφαρμογή σάς βοηθά να τραβήτε φωτογραφία τη μοναδική μύτη του σκύλου σας και σας καθοδηγεί τι να κάνετε σε περίπτωση που ο φίλος σας χαθεί. Μπορεί ακόμη και να βοηθήσει άτομα που έχουν βρει το σκυλί σας να έρθουν σε επαφή μαζί σας πιο γρήγορα.

The true details of geometric nose scanning technology are based on the uniqueness of the wrinkles on a dog's muzzle. Iams seems certain that the dog's nose, or at least the wrinkles on the nose, are unique enough to avoid false positives. The app uses your phone's camera to analyze and locate the depth, position and orientation of the dog's nose wrinkles. Iams reports that this technology can create a unique biometric file for each dog's unique identity in its database.

At the time of publication, Iams had released NOSEiD in Nashville, Tennessee, and was actively preparing to expand into other markets. You can also download the application at Apple App Store or at Google Play, if you live in America or expect it to expand to Greece.

In conclusion:
The truth is that Google Play is very imaginative, sometimes creative and sometimes quite cute. We like to find strange applications, because at least they entertain us. NOSEiD has its place in the list of "strange" applications. Pets now have a legal basis, a built-in chip, a collar with details and if the owner fully complies with the law it is impossible to lose his dog (or at least without the possibility to find him again)

The existence of this application is rather amusing or sounds like an April Fool's joke when one hears about face recognition in dogs. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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