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Google has released an AI-powered note-taking tool to "a small group of users in the US," it said company in a post on its blog. He previously referred to the new service as Project Tailwind at Google I/O, but the app he released is called NotebookLM (the LM stands for Language Model).

The core of NotebookLM seems to actually start from Google Docs. Once you access the app, you'll be able to select documents and then use NotebookLM to ask questions about them and even create new things with them. Google gives us some ideas for things you can do with NotebookLM, like automatically summarizing a long document or turning a video into a script. Google's examples, even at I/O, seemed mostly geared toward students: they can request a summary of a week's class notes, or NotebookLM can tell you everything you learned about the Peloponnesian War this semester.2023 07 13 14 05 38

Obviously these features are present in almost any τεχνητής νοημοσύνης, αλλά η Google ελπίζει ότι περιορίζοντας το συγκεκριμένο μοντέλο μόνο στις that you give can improve the model's answers and mitigate his tendency to lie and answer confidently about everything.

NotebookLM also brings built-in cross-references, which will make it easy to quickly check the facts present in autoresponders. But Google warns that NotebookLM may still have "hallucinations" and that the model won't get everything right. Of course it also depends on the information you provide, if you enter the wrong dates for the Peloponnesian War in class, the app will not be able to help you.

Google says that the NotebookLM model will only have access to the documents you choose to upload, and that your data will not be available to others or used to train new AI models.

This is of course something that we should pay special attention to:

Google asks its users to give their personal information to an artificial intelligence model in exchange for some convenient and useful features. This exchange becomes more complex as the information becomes more sensitive. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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