Notepad ++ just released the 7.8 version

The new 7.8 version of Notepad ++ has just been released. It is our favorite application for Windows environment as it can replace it default editor Microsoft's Notepad text, offering more features useful to developers.

Notepad ++ or PlusPlus add-on is a powerful word processor that offers much more features than Windows Notepad, although Microsoft has recently added some new features to the default Notepad text editor in the latest versions of Windows 10.

Notepad ++ 7.8 is the first official release since June of 2019. The new version cannot be installed via the app's built-in update feature, but the developer intends to unlock it in the coming days if no major issues occur. This measure seems to be necessary, as the new version brings a very large number of changes.

Most of the changes to Notepad ++ 7.8 are related to application problems, such as the cracks seen when opening files from folders via file-open, and many more.

As for the new features, there are a few. The storage dialog has new handy options "not at all" or "yes at all" to improve the storage of many documents. We should also mention the new process -openFoldersAsWorkspace which opens the folders in the panel as "folder as workspace".

Last but not least, the updated application supports more languages ​​such as LISP and COBOL. Read more from the official website and download the application.

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