Notepad will have tabs in Windows 11

A Microsoft employee accidentally announced that Notepad will have tabs in Windows 11. He immediately retracted his statement, but it was seen by many people and the news leaked out.

notepad tabs

A Microsoft employee appears to have accidentally announced that Windows 11's Notepad app is getting a tabs feature.

The employee, a senior product manager at Microsoft, tweeted a photo of a version of Notepad that had tabs, excitedly announcing "Notepad in Windows 11 now has tabs!".

The tweet was deleted a few minutes later, but not before several Windows-enthusiast Twitter accounts had spotted the news. They were able to copy the screenshot of the Notebook, which also included an internal Microsoft warning: “Confidential. Do not discuss features or take screenshots”.!!!!!

This warning suggests that the tabs feature is still in early internal testing at Microsoft, but also that the tabs feature in Notepad may arrive to Windows Insiders sometime in early 2023.

Microsoft first tested tabs in all Windows 10 apps four years ago in a feature called Sets. This included support for tabs inside Notepad and File Explorer, but Microsoft eventually canceled the project and never shipped it to Windows 10 users. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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