NotPetya global attack strikes patched Windows 10

NotPetya and not Simple Petya: NSA the US National Security Service began using a hacking tool called EternalBlue five years ago. During this time, the service violated the networks, using a flaw that they should immediately disclose to Microsoft.

The NSA finally revealed to Microsoft the vulnerability earlier this year, but only after the exploits were stolen and then made available online. Microsoft immediately released a "critical" patch (in March), and WannaCry launched in May. A ransomware that used EternalBlue to infiltrate Windows computers. This malware has infected over 230.000 computers in more than 150 countries.

Yesterday we met NotPetya.

NotPetya is similar to Petya ransomware, but it belongs to its own classification, according to security researchers. Both used EternalBlue exploit, but their similarities did not stop there.

NotPetya is a completely new form of ransomware used yesterday to invade the Chernobyl radiation detection system, the Kiev subway, the banks and at least one US hospital.

Η Kaspersky claims that at least 2.000 businesses and institutions around the world have been affected in the last 24 hours.

And WannaCry, it was devastating, but it was an impossible tool full of bugs created by amateurs.

NotPetya, according to experts, is not an amateur tool.

“That's great. Really great, ”former NSA analyst David Kennedy told Forbes.

Unlike WannaCry, which contained a Switch kill to be able to disable it remotely. That's it new ransomware it has no equivalent.

The bad news is that it can infect any version of Windows, including Windows 10. It can even infect patched systems if there is a patched PC on the network.

The failure of the NSA and the CIA to keep the tools in their hands gave a very good lesson to everyone who criticized Snowden. Snowden had warned that this could happen.

Collecting information from agencies can cause global damage.

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Let's not forget that NotPetya has just started….

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