Nova 4 from Huawei with rear camera at 48-megapixel

Η Huawei announced the Nova 4 smartphone after teasing weeks, the most characteristic point of the device: the circular "hole-punch" for its 25-megapixel camera for selfie.

Samsung tried to hit Huawei by announcing the similar Galaxy A8 last week, but the Huawei phone seems to have a smaller hole for the camera.

It remains to be seen whether this has an impact on image quality.Nova 4

Last week, Huawei announced the View 20, a phone that looks similar to Nova 4. In addition to the same hole-punch design, both handsets feature 48-megapixel cameras on the back.

Unlike View 20, Nova 4 is powered by a Kirin 970 processor in the older View 10 and Huawei P20 Pro. The newest Honor will use the new Kirin 980 processor.

The Nova 4 features an 6,4 2310 inch screen, 1080x8px, 128GB RAM, 18GB storage, a fingerprint sensor on the back, 3.750W fast charging via USB-C, and a XNUMXmAh battery.

Nova 4 will cost about 490 dollars in the above specifications, but there will also be a cheaper version of 450 dollars that does not offer the 48 megapixel sensor but one 20 megapixel.

The phone will be released in India and Europe after its release in China.


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