Nova because I returned to the company (6.5 euros unlimited)

In previous posts I mentioned that I wanted to transfer 4 mobiles and a landline to Cosmote from Nova. Nova's VDSL would be Fiber to Cosmote. I had made an agreement over the phone with the offers department (around 100 euros per month, all unlimited and with fiber 100 or a fixed connection) and
I waited for the process to proceed.


Then, of course, some "systemic" problems appeared. In my case they were exceeded and so I got 4 mobiles from Cosmote.

You can read the first two posts to "experience" the adventure and the third to understand what is happening:

1.Cosmote a company for pegs
2.Cosmote a company with a systemic problem

3.Cosmote, Vodafone, NOVA: what is Telegnous?

For the fiber connection we are on the right track, but I am still waiting with a VDSL of 50 Mbps which reaches 37.7Mbps (again well it could be worse).

But this post is about Nova.

Three days after transferring the 4 phones to Cosmote, I got a call from Nova's promotions department.
Marilena suggested I go back to Nova with the 4 cell connections, and because I've been a good customer I'll pay 6.50/cell every month for two years, all unlimited.
In total for 4 unlimited connections every month I will pay 26 euros.

I was surprised and told her to call me again. Until he called me again I was trying to figure out what happened.

Before I left Nova I was trying for a week to transfer the fourth phone to my account which already had three mobile connections and one landline with VDSL.

When I couldn't for any number of reasons (phone support would send me to a local store and vice versa) I asked the company to quote me how much I would have to pay to cancel all my contracts.

I'm still waiting.

Anyway, the next day, when Marilena called me again from the offers department, we agreed on 26 euros for 4 unlimited mobiles, and the first two months are free. At the same time, I asked not to have a penalty from the previous contracts, a request that was accepted.

I thanked Marilena and asked her to take care of the customer when they have him, and not only when he leaves.

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Written by giorgos

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  1. The exact same thing happened to me... I left wind after many years.. 4 connections and one fixed with 100 fiber. I did everything cu. And Vodafone with TV and 100 fiber. Until 3 days ago I got a call from nova A kind girl her name is Maria.. I told her my complaints about wind. And he replied that he will make me a very good offer that will take me back. I made 4 contracts at €6,5 each. In fact, one because it is in my daughter's name will also be tax exempt. Due to young age...It is true what is mentioned. 100% We don't get them from any nova.. But it's true...

  2. You must have made a mistake because you write the cost of the unlimited mobile 6,50 euros and state that you went to nova with a fixed 100mbps and two mobile connections with unlimited voice and GB and you write that for everything 26 euros, since 26 euros is only the optical and since you are a good customer, let them leave you 20,
    And the cell phone from 33 euros, let them leave you 25 total for everything 45 euros and not 26 for everything you write

  3. Via iguru, Ms. Marilena's phone or email immediately.
    I have 4 cosmote mobiles in my name.
    I'm not kidding!

  4. Contract the 4 mobiles at 6,5/month all unlimited final price? with only commitment the 2 years? And of course a corresponding period of time for fiber 100 (at what price?)
    We'll probably start pinching each other...

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