Nova's advertisement "Put the cot down" was voted the best of the last 25!

Do you remember her? Its famous advertising Nova by «Thieves» and the phrase «Put the cot down ... slowly», which became a slogan, was voted by the public as the best advertising of the last 25!


Within the 25 times that are being conducted Ermis Awards, the audience was invited to vote over the internet on the internet. Candidates were rewarded ads during the period 1989-2013, and the public became the best advertisement for 25, Nova's "Cleftocot"!

The "Kleftokotas" was implemented 2006 with the cooperation of the advertising company JWT Spot and production company ATHENS CENTRAL, directed by Giorgos Lanthimos. The phrase "put the cot down ... slowly" became a slogan, a title in numerous articles and an aka in theatrical plays and fiction series.

Nova's narrated narrative story can be found on Nova's official channel on Youtube.

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