Novalia Become a DJ with a printed deck and your iPhone

Novalia: Although the old technology usually ends up in the dustbin of history, there are occasions when we are pleasantly surprised to make a grand return. The reason for vinyl records, which seems to have never disappeared or at least continue to inspire new builders in a time full of digital sound.
dj Novalia
A company from Cambridge UK, Novalia, that we had have previously been involved, has produced a MIDI DJ Deck printed on the artist's album Extraterrestria  DJ Qbert. The album cover, ie the "vinyl record" has a Bluetooth and a print with conductive ink that makes it able to control the application Algoriddim's djay running on iOS and OS X.

Your printed paper after connecting to the application allows you to upload songs, mix them, create various sound effects and scratches, and generally become a dj with the touch of your fingers. It has two decks printed, a cross fader and a series of buttons for effects.

For several years, the company has developed a technology that combines conductive printing ink with touch capabilities to create surfaces that act as sensors.

See below the related presentation video of the printed dj deck.

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