NoXss: XSS Vulnerability

NoXss is a cross-site script vulnerability scanner. It is very fast and suitable for testing millions of urls.


  • Fast and convenient for testing millions of URLs
  • Dom-based xss support (using Chrome or Phantomjs) and xss
  • Use only 8 payloads based on the location of the injection
  • Async request (use of gevent) and multiple editing
  • Support for individual url, file and traffic from Burpsuite
  • Traffic filter interface
  • Support for special headers (referrer, cookie, customized token, eg)
  • Quickly support revan via id


Table of Contents


  • 1.apt-get install flex bison phantomjs
  • 2.pip install -r requirements.txt


  • 1.yum install flex bison phantomjs
  • 2.pip install -r requirements.txt


  • 1.brew install grep findutils flex phantomjs
  • 2.pip install -r requirements.txt


python –url url –save
python –url url –cookie cookie –browser chrome –save
python –url url –cookie cookie –browser chrome-headless –save
python –file ./url.txt –save
python –burp ./test.xml –save
python –file file –filter



Application snapshots


You can download the program from here.

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