US Court of Justice ratified meta-monitoring by NSA

A US federal court upheld the approval to continue the NSA's controversial collection of US citizens' data on dragnet.nsa eagle

His decision Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for the green light in her mass watches NSA metadata of phone calls comes a year after Barack Obama promised to end the controversial program.

The legal principle of the monitoring program is determined by the Congress and was set to expire in early June, according to the National Journal. President Barack Obama promised to end data collection as part of its reforms NSA contained in a major policy initiative announced in January of 2014.

The program has been expanded five times for 14 or even more months since. White House officials have repeatedly stated that they want to work with Congress to end the program, whose spying value has been criticized by privacy activists.

For example, some critics argue that there is no evidence that mass surveillance by the NSA is effective in identifying future terrorist attacks.

A publication of IC on the Record discloses to the Intel community the approval of the Ministry of Justice of the FISA decision to extend mass telephony tracking.

You can see her publish from here.

"As stated by the White House, the administration welcomes the opportunity to work with the new Congress to implement the changes requested by the President," said a joint statement from the Department of Justice and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

"As the legislation has not yet entered into force, and given the importance of maintaining the capabilities of the metadata collection program, the government has sought to extend the existing program, as amended by the changes requested by the President in January."

The collection of call metadata is permitted in accordance with the 215 article of the US Patriot Act.

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