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Edward Snowden has millions of files in the hands of 1,7

nsa-ed-snowdenNational Security Agency (NSA) officials said that Edward Snowden had the "keys of the kingdom" and that he has taken over 1,7 million top secret files from the secret service servers.

During an interview he gave to CBS, The Rick Ledgett, the head of the task force responsible for leakage assessment, said the former employee in the secret service had a road map of the strengths and weaknesses of the NSA.

During the interview, the employees of the secret service, including the head Keith Alexander, they admitted that it was not yet clear how many documents he managed to get Snowden. Initially, it was estimated that it was somewhere 50.000 and 200.000, while a recent statement places this number in 1,7 million files.

"He had the keys to the kingdom," he said Ledgett.

This, of course, gives another prospect, since there is a question of amnesty reviewing Snowden in return for the files that have not yet been published in the media.

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