NSO Group CEO resigned

Israeli spyware company NSO Group has announced the resignation with immediate effect of CEO Shalev Hulio. Chief Operating Officer Yaron Shohat has been appointed to oversee the company's reorganization before a successor CEO is named:

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Source in the company confirmed that about 100 employees will be laid off as part of the company's reorganization and that Shohat will lead the company until the board appoints a new CEO. The tracking company, which makes the Pegasus software, is in legal trouble after claims its tools were misused by governments and other agencies to track cellphones.

NSO has said its technology is intended to help catch terrorists, pedophiles and hardened criminals and is only sold to "vetted and legitimate" government customers, although it keeps its customer list confidential.

"The company's products remain in high demand by governments and law enforcement agencies because of the state-of-the-art technology they use and their proven ability to help our customers fight crime and terrorism," Shohat said.

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