Donald Trump created his own social media platform

It seems that former US President Donald Trump has finally acquired his own social media platform. Its name: GETTR


The GETTR is the newest social media platform. It is led by former Trump spokesman Jason Miller and an entire team behind it. And it seems to be essentially the alternative to the technology that former US President Donald Trump was looking for to express his beliefs and point of view.

The story began with the invasion of the Capitol by Trump supporters on January 6, 2021, at his urging. The result was that all the major social media platforms blocked him to this day. The former president, who was looking for a way to communicate with his followers, had announced that he would build his own platform and apparently did so. Build GETTR, an open social networking platform where you can sign up (if you want), which supports Greek.

The new platform has of course page in addition to application in the Google Store and in the App Store. As a symbol he has a white lighted torch on a red background that is rather reminiscent of the statue of liberty. In GETTR's announcement of its mission states that the site aims to combat "the annulment of culture, the promotion of common sense, the defense of freedom of speech, the challenge to social media monopolies and the creation of a real market of ideas".

There was no loud announcement of the start of its operation and probably any inauguration was silent or not at all. Despite the lack of advertising, the GETTR app has a few thousand entries so far, and has even garnered some k; alew ratings and reviews (which may be fake).

In appearance it has a striking resemblance to Twitter. Users can follow other accounts on the platform and post their own content after first registering.

The strange thing is that so far Trump has not made an account in the GETTR. And although the implementation was started by Trump's team, the details of the former President's involvement remain unclear. Maybe he is waiting for all his fans to gather first and then make his appearance. If you want to help him you can register!

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