New York Times: The Facebook security officer is working on the NSA

NSAFollow-up of revelations about his interceptions PRISM and Facebook. The New York Times revealed today that the Max kelly, former head of security Facebook, left his post in 2010 and became a member NSA.

“Mr. Max kelly went to NSA"Something that was not known and shows the deeper connections between Silicon Valley and the secret service," the Times reported. "Both Silicon Valley and the Secret Service are looking for ways to collect, analyze and exploit the data of millions of Internet members."

Facebook said last week that it received about 9.000 to 10.000 requests to deliver user data to government agencies during the second half of 2012, and that these requests were asking for 18.000 information with 19.000 accounts. According to a statement by Facebook General Counsel Ted Ullyot, Facebook handed over to the government 79% of the requests filed with it. Mr. Ullyot, Facebook, and every Facebook presenting the data is trying to make us believe there is transparency. But the question is one: can there be secret services and transparency?

Of course, Max Kelly's transition to NSA, 2010, shows what links between government agencies and major US companies (and beyond) are really.

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