OG AUTO-RECON: A Scanner based on Nmap

Το O.G. AUTO- it is a based on Nmap results.


  • The purpose of the OG Auto-Recon is to automate the initial information gathering phase and then to list as much information as possible about its target based on these results.
  • This tool is intended for CTF and can be quite "noisy" but also useful.
  • All tools in this program comply with OSCP rules.
  • The syntax can be easily modified in the Config settings. The names of the variables should remain unchanged.
  • If a virtual routing path is detected, the OG Auto-Recon will add the hostnames to the / etc / hosts file and continue listing the hostnames.
  • DNS numbering is necessary to ignore .com .co .eu .uk, etc. domains… as this tool was designed for CTF such as hack the box. It will try to find most .htb domains if dns servers are detected.
  • This program uses various standalone & custom tools to enumerate a target, based on nmap results.
  • All commands and results are recorded in a reference directory in the user directory. /.Local/share/autorecon/report using the "report / IP-ADDRESS /" box. So the results will look like: report / /


cd / opt git clone https://github.com/Knowledge-Wisdom-Understanding/recon.git
cd recon chmod + x setup.sh ./setup.sh python3 setup.py installation


       _____________ ____ ________________ /___/___ \ / / | /___/__ \ Mr.P-Millz _____ OG/ / _ \______/__/ |______|__|_____ * \_________________/__/ |___ __/__/ /_\ \ | | \ __\/ _ \| | __/ __ \_/ ___\/ _ \| | | | ___ \| | /| | ( |_| ) | | \ ___/\ \__( |_| ) | | |___|____/\__\____|____/_|__|\_\____/|__|____|_ /\___ |\___ \____/|___| /gtihub.com/-Wisdom-Understanding  \___\/  \__\/  \__\_/ v3.6 \___\/

usage:  autorecon -t

An Information Gathering and Enumeration Framework

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t TARGET, --target TARGET
                        Single IPv4 Target to Scan
  -F, --FUZZ            auto fuzz found urls ending with .php for params
  -v, --version         Show Current Version
  -f FILE, --file FILE  File of IPv4 Targets to Scan
  -w [WEB], --web [WEB]
                        Get open ports for IPv4 address, then only Enumerate
                        Web & and Dns Services. -t,--target must be specified.
                        -w, --web takes a URL as an argument. i.e. python3
                        recon.py -t -w secret
  -i {http,httpcms,ssl,sslcms,aquatone,smb,dns,ldap,removecolor,oracle,,sort_urls,proxy,proxycms,fulltcp,topports,remaining,searchsploit,peaceout,ftpAnonDL,winrm} [{http,httpcms,ssl,sslcms,aquatone,smb,dns,ldap,removecolor,oracle,source,sort_urls,proxy,proxycms,fulltcp,topports,remaining,searchsploit,peaceout,ftpAnonDL,winrm} ...], --ignore {http,httpcms,ssl,sslcms,aquatone,smb,dns,ldap,removecolor,oracle,source,sort_urls,proxy,proxycms,fulltcp,topports,remaining,searchsploit,peaceout,ftpAnonDL,winrm} [{http,httpcms,ssl,sslcms,aquatone,smb,dns,ldap,removecolor,oracle,source,sort_urls,proxy,proxycms,fulltcp,topports,remaining,searchsploit,peaceout,ftpAnonDL,winrm} ...]
                         modules to ignore during scan.
  -s {http,httpcms,ssl,sslcms,aquatone,smb,dns,ldap,removecolor,oracle,source,sort_urls,proxy,proxycms,fulltcp,topports,remaining,searchsploit,peaceout,ftpAnonDL,winrm} [{http,httpcms,ssl,sslcms,aquatone,smb,dns,ldap,removecolor,oracle,source,sort_urls,proxy,proxycms,fulltcp,topports,remaining,searchsploit,peaceout,ftpAnonDL,winrm} ...], --service {http,httpcms,ssl,sslcms,aquatone,smb,dns,ldap,removecolor,oracle,source,sort_urls,proxy,proxycms,fulltcp,topports,remaining,searchsploit,peaceout,ftpAnonDL,winrm} [{http,httpcms,ssl,sslcms,aquatone,smb,dns,ldap,removecolor,oracle,source,sort_urls,proxy,proxycms,fulltcp,topports,remaining,searchsploit,peaceout,ftpAnonDL,winrm} ...]
                        Scan only specified service modules
  -b {ftp,smb,http,ssh}, --brute {ftp,smb,http,ssh}
                        Experimental! - Brute  ssh,smb,ftp, or http. -t,
                        --target is REQUIRED. Must supply only one protocol at
                        a time. For ssh, first valid users will be enumerated
                        before  brute is initiated, when no user or
                         are supplied as options.
  -p PORT, --port PORT  port for brute forcing argument. If no port specified,
                        default port will be used
  -u USER, --user USER  Single user name for brute forcing, for SSH, if no
                        user specified, will default to
                        /usernames.txt and bruteforce usernames -U USERS, --USERS USERS List of usernames to try for brute forcing. Not yet implemented -P PASSWORDS, --PASSWORDS PASSWORDS List of passwords to try. Optional for SSH, By default wordlists/probable-v2-top1575.txt will be used.

Application snapshots

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