Planetbeing says the jailbreak for iOS 7 may be harder


Planetbeing, the famous hacker behind the jailbreak for iOS 6, took part in Reddit AMA and answers questions asked by the community.

Although the AMA has just begun, Planetbeing has already answered a question about the future of jailbreak. And he says that while he is early to know for sure, he believes the iOS 7 jailbreak will be much more difficult than that for iOS 6.

He was asked how he felt that it would be the future of jailbreak tools, based on the time it took to release Evasi0n. This is the answer he gave:

It's hard to say. Apple has secured much more than attacks iOS 6. In this jailbreak we managed to "avoided" these fuses by using many vulnerabilities that I would describe as "lame" because such errors were made much earlier in iOS where we used tricks through the file system. We attacked Apple's increased security through the kernel. I also add that we still have some tricks that may help later, but it is still too early to speak with confidence.

The so-called Planetbeing is based. If you remember last week we mentioned a measurement made by Cult of Mac and found that the next jailbreak would take more than 6 months until it was released. There is always the possibility that Apple will forget some great vulnerability, which will speed up the process of jailbreak. However, so far jailbreak is becoming increasingly difficult.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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