Apple's former CEO John Sculley believes Apple has made a stomach in innovation


For John Sculley we've talked many times, and he's a good or bad personality that left his mark on Apple, he was the promoter of his idea of ​​Steve Jobs leaving the company and that's all. Of course, his presence marked the worst moment of Apple as it came to the brink of disaster with its decisions whenever we can say for sure that he knows two more things about when things go wrong with a technology company.

He recently gave a new interview to CNBA Asia and expressed his opinion on what is happening at Apple these days.

According to Sculley, Apple is going through a period that has given way to innovation, but it considers this normal since, according to him, Apple is a company that takes full advantage of the periods of technological development. So in recent years we have had an explosion in technology with social networks, 3G and wireless communication resulting in Apple having an explosion in technology.

Now we are experiencing a period of mild evolution and so now Apple follows this pattern by not presenting many innovative products.

Sculley went on to say that this will soon change as we get closer to a new technological explosion that goes by the name of sensors and that once again believes that Apple will take full advantage of it and change the balance again and again.

"You have periods of time that are creative leap areas. That's what Apple's excels at - it's a creative leap company. In the last ten years we have had in technology and creative leap decade. We've seen social media, we've seen 3G, mobile wireless, you've seen companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, all doing extremely well. "

"Then you run into a decade like we're just sort of in right now - the fast follower evolution decade," he continues, "We're not at a big breakthrough point in time, but fast followers excel. With Samsung, an excellent fast follower is doing really well. "

"What Apple needs is the next era of creative leap," he said.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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