The former Apple ad creator believes Samsung's ads are amazing


Ken Segall has a long history with Apple. She worked with him Steve Jobs for 14 years as artistic director at TBWA / Chiat / Diary. Segall is the person who created the "Think Different" ads, put the "i" on the iMac and has written his own book about Steve Jobs.

As for her Apple Ken knows what he's talking about, and he's not happy about how they approach the ads right now. He believes that the Apple loses from Samsung because the Samsung makes amazing ads and the Apple no.

In recent post on his blog, Ken said what he did to her Apple so successful. While some critics believe that the Apple owes its success to marketing alone, Ken says no smart person can believe that. However, marketing also plays an important role in recent years Apple he did not do very well in it.

According to Ken, there are two reasons why Samsung has such success in its ads. The first is that he spends a lot of money on them. They spend more than AppleThe HP, Dell and Coca Cola to get their message across.

The second is that her ads are really good. They have a good script and a derivative, while earning enough points with the ads that engage people in.

According to Ken the Apple must return making a good campaign and reach the Samsung, something he is sure he will do.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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