Spartan will support additional applications

Everything shows that Microsoft has decided to endow him Spartan browser with all the modern features of the modern web browsers.


Spartan, which will be pre-installed on Windows 10 and will work on computers, tablets and smartphones, will be able to support extensions and add-ons that will enhance its functionality.

This is confirmed by the team that develops it in Microsoft, through a tweet on its official Twitter profile. In fact, he noted that there will be a future upgrade of Project Spartan through the available extensions.

According to The Verge, Microsoft is interested in allowing developers of Chrome and Firefox add-ons to put their software products on Spartan as well. It is not yet clear how extensions of the new browser will be displayed and available, while Microsoft's intentions clearly indicate that it wants to completely split Spartan with Internet Explorer.

The rendering engine on which Spartan will be based will be Edge, again in line with what The Verge brings us to.

So far apart from the addition of Spartan, we know that it will support Cortana's operation, allow the user to make notes on the screen with everything he wants on a website, and have a read-out format.

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