Steve Jobs once gave this man a new Porsche because he sold 125 Mac


Steve Jobs is not famous for his generosity. When he worked at Atari he hired Wozniak to make a Pong release during the weekend, but he lied to him about how much money he was involved in, and he stole most of his best friend. And when he started Pixar, he dismissed people for no reason and without warning.

But there is at least one person out there who thinks Steve Jobs is the most generous man in the world. In fact, Jobs rewarded him by giving him a Porsche because he sold most Macs in the United States. Number; Just 125 Mac.

Who was the lucky one to get Porsche? A former Apple executive, Craig Elliott, who at 23 worked in an electronics store.

His life changed when he became particularly good at Mac sales, which were just released. Very soon he accepted a letter saying that he had sold most Macs in the United States and asked him to visit Apple's headquarters.

"Experiencing dinner with Steve Jobs, I spent a week with the executives and Steve gave me a Porsche gift." But when Steve asked him how much Mac he was selling, he did not like the answer.

"Steve said, 'Is that all?' 'It is pathetic' Elliot recalled. "I bent over and I told him, Steve remember, I'm the best person you have" , Steve replied that he was right and the rest of the dinner went on.

Jobs later offered Elliot a job, and he worked for Apple for about a decade.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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