Oath: Verizon renames Yahoo and AOL

The Internet is preparing to welcome a new company in the summer. Oath: This is Verizon's name for the merger of Yahoo and AOL.

The new name is not such a bad idea because AOL and Yahoo may have a history, but with Yahoo's violations and data leaks and AOL's mistakes over the last decade, the new brand name was probably necessary.Oath

The announcement of the change of name was made by Tim Armstrong, Verizon's head of the AOL division, with the following tweet:

The new Oath name will be valid for Verizon's digital media segment as soon as the acquisition of Yahoo is over in the coming months.
The agreement of 4.480.000.000 dollars is expected to finally reach its end by the end of June of 2017, although it could close much earlier.

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Huffington Post reports, however, that the new Oath company will be an umbrella name, like Google's Alphabet. Yahoo and AOL will exist and will continue to function to some extent.

Verizon has previously admitted that much of Yahoo's value lies in its relationship with its customers, especially Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Sports, which are still quite popular. AOL Mail and AOL.com are also popular among some users.

To see, will Yahoo again, the company that once was? Personally, I'm sure it's not just a new brand name.

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