Chelsea Manning is released by Obama's decision

President Obama gave Chelsea Manning the 32 years of imprisonment that she had endured, according to the New York Times. The fact is not considered a presidential pardon but a transformation of Manning's sentence to be released in just months.Chelsea Manning

Following the leak of more than 700.000 documents from US military and diplomatic services around the world, Chelsea Manning caused earthquakes all over the world.

The documents were released by Wikileaks and include atrocities such as a 2007 video called "Collateral Murder" showing the US military killing innocent civilians, including a Reuters journalist.

The cannon of 30 millimeters began throwing from a helicopter to people trying to get injured, but also to a truck carrying children.

Chelsea Manning was led to the US Army Barracks in Fort Leavenworth 2013 to serve 35 for years.

President Obama, who only stayed for four days in the presidential office, decided to release him.

Let's recall some particularities of the Manning case. Three years after his detention in prison, Manning announced that he had decided to change his sex and become a woman. Thus, formerly known as Bradley Manning, Chelsea made the following statement a day after the verdict of her imprisonment:

I'm Chelsea Manning. I am a woman. Given the way I feel, and I have felt since childhood, I want to start hormone therapy as soon as possible.

The military has denied the allegations, much to the chagrin of activists around the world. A year later, he went on a hunger strike demanding gender reassignment surgery, which the military approved just five days later. Throughout this period, Manning made two suicide attempts.

Throughout her imprisonment, defense groups around the world demanded her release. Many believed that Obama could be the last hope for her freedom.

After today's announcement, Chelsea Manning will be released on 17 May.

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What remains to be seen is whether Julian Assange keeps his promise to surrender if Manning is released.

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