No Android subsystem will not come to XBOX

Recently, we mentioned that in the Microsoft Store Android subsystem is released for Windows 11, which is expected to bring Android applications to Windows. Since there are many technology pages in the company's Store, they assumed that it would also support the Xbox.

But a Microsoft spokesman confirmed that "there are no plans" to bring the Android subsystem to the Xbox.

Not at least for now, the company told logo

Android apps are minimally optimized for tablets, let alone full TV screens.

And since we're talking about gaming support for big screens, I'm not sure Android app developers would start massively adding high-resolution feature to the Xbox.

Obviously, they need to write several lines of code to add the Xbox Live API, store system, Xbox Live achievements and more to their applications.

This is constantly happening with Windows applications that are in the company's Store.

The store incorrectly states that they are also supported for Xbox, while many of these applications also state support for Windows Phone when we all know what happened on this platform. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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