October 2018 Update Windows 10 only on 6.6% of computers

The latest version of Windows 10, (October 2018 Update) was re-released last month, but its adoption seems to be very slow, according to latest data of AdDuplex.

October 2018 Update

The company managed to collect data from approximately 5.000 applications in the Windows Store and use the AdDuplex SDK.

So not to think that only Microsoft and Google collects data. However, AdDuplex also made the publication, which is encouraging, because at least it does not hide data collection, unlike other companies that discover it (names we do not say).

AdDuplex reports that the October 2018 Update for Windows (the 1809 version) has managed to capture only 6,6% of market share. The company report shows that the October 2018 Update for Windows 10 has been installed twice more than last month, but adoption of the update is still slow as the market share rate is still single digits.

The October 2018 Update is unique in the entire history of Windows 10 updates. on the chart, ”says AdDuplex.

In contrast, the April 10 Update is still the most used Windows 2018 operating system in December 10. According to the data and as you can see above, the April 2018 Update holds 2018% of the market share while the older Fall Creators Update is at 83,6%.


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