Oculus will now require a Facebook account

Those wishing to use an Oculus device will soon be required to have a Facebook account to connect to their VR profile.

From October, the Facebook-owned company will require its users to log in through the social networking platform and merge any existing Oculus accounts with Facebook accounts.

From January 2023, all non-merged Oculus accounts will close.

Anyone using an Oculus device for the first time will need a Facebook account to proceed.

"If you are already a user and choose not to merge your accounts, you can continue to use your Oculus account for two years," says Oculus in a publication announcing the change.

"If you choose not to merge your accounts at that time, you can continue to use your device, but full functionality will require a Facebook account. We will take steps to allow you to continue using content you have purchased, although we expect some games and applications to no longer work. ”

Of course no one knows what this change will really bring to users' privacy. What we do know for sure is the way Zuckerberg's empire works, which continues to collect all the information. VR activities will be linked to Facebook profiles, providing a much more complete profile for editing by experts…

Reactions are expected, but as usual nothing will change.

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