Instructions for using the mind and solving important… micro-problems, in the times of the global "experiment - study" under the name COVID-19

In 2001, the German film was released in cinemas The novel 'The experiment' (the experiment) which was a metaphor of a real event characterized as “experiment - study”Behavior in conditions of incarceration - imprisonment for a period of 2 weeks, in real prison facilities.

This "experiment" took place in 1971 in the USA and became known in history as the Stanford Prison Experiment.

The "study" of 1971 began to be done according to the "inspiration" of a psychology professor and included the voluntary participation of 20 men, in a real prison environment, of which 12 would play the role of prisoner and 8 of the prison guard. For Upon their participation, the 20 participants would receive the amount of $ 2.000 each.

We will not expand on what is happening on the film and the real "experiment" that took place then, but we will mention only one. The "experiment - study" was stopped on its 6th day as the situations that prevailed between "prisoners" and "prisoners" reached uncontrollable limits, so far away that the "inspiring" psychologist was forced to state: such experiments should never be repeated.

And yet it is repeated, if one thinks with the common sense and not with the submitted wisdom of watching the "news" on the TV channels and realizing that all of us Swedes are not all dead because they did not take the inhuman measures… voluntary confinement taken by the "Civilized" of the Western world, if he thinks that Medical Examiners of the Old Epirus have appealed to supreme courts as they are not allowed to do forensic studies on the dead who died (??) by or with covid - 19, if he thinks that common sense says: if you are locked up in prison - home for 1-2-5 months, you will not catch a virus TODAY, but you will catch and get immunity when you go out. And not only to Covid-19 but also in its thousands of mutations since it is a virus RNA and no DNA…

Immunity that will come to cover (??) the vaccine RNA of pharmaceuticals, whose stock prices are already making upward jumps, the CEO but they sell them averta shares.

Why ; Because they sell to fame? (as we say in stock exchanges).

Is it because they are afraid - do they know that the "bubble" of the vaccine panacea will burst? Vaccines that according to the "medical visitors" and their bosses will cure "every disease and every shit"?

I wish everyone peace, thinking with the mind and not with the eyes and ears that remain fixed on the piercing gazes of the "journalists" of television and the "experts" who call as participants in their shows and everything will go as it should, participating with dynamics U.S. too !

With a dynamic that predicts that "zombie", that is "dead - alive" man will not become from viruses but from caused (fear - fear) fear, cowardice and voluntary imprisonment.

Follow instructions - doctors for (significant) minor problems faced by its users "webex… distance learning ”, in his time COVID-19 das experiment…

Υγ. I know well that in the above text I "show" anger and rage for what is happening. But the next one, due to another reading audience, will be short. Only with rough techniques - medical advice.

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Written by George Kanellakis

Youth of several decades that even in my 110 years I will live with modern ideas but old Principles

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