Bruteforce wizard for password cracking

In Greek mythology, Medusa was a monster or mermaid generally described as a winged human woman with live venomous snakes instead of hair.

Medusa on the other hand, it is a fast yet very powerful bruteforcing program. Our goal is to support as many services as possible that allow us remote control.

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The Creator of the program considers the following elements as some of the key features of this application:

  • Parallel Thread-based testing. The brute-force test can be performed on multiple computers, users, or passwords simultaneously.
  • Flexible user login. Target information (host / user / Password ) can be defined in different ways. For example, each item can be either a single entry or a file containing multiple entries. In addition, a combination file format allows the user to improve the registration of their target.
  • Modular design. Each module exists as a separate .mod file. This means that no modifications are required to the basic application in order to extend the list of supported brute-forcing services.
  • Multiple protocols are supported. Many services are currently supported (eg SMB, HTTP, POP3, MS-SQL, SSHv2, among others).

The Medusa tool is already pre-installed on every version of Kali Linux which you can easily use by typing “jellyfishFrom the Linux terminal.

Mandate: medusa -h

In our VM, our metasploitable2 machine is installed and operates with IP

As we all know, the username of the machine Metasploitable2 is "msfadmin”And an SSH service is already open on this machine to crack the password of this machine, enter the following command in your terminal:

Mandate: medusa -h -u medusa -P /root/dictionary.txt -M ssh -n 22

Where -h = specifies the name of your target computer,
-u = defines a username,
-P = a dictionary file,
-M = the module to be executed such as SSH, FTP, etc.,
-n = port number wrt to module

The most popular passwords:

A / APasswordNumber of cases
5I love you51,622


To display all modules supported by the program, enter “jellyfish -d"



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