Off-Facebook Activity new tool from Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg he said today a new tool for protecting your privacy called Off-Facebook Activity. The tool is available to all Facebook users around the world.

Off-Facebook Activity

The Off-Facebook Activity tool is designed to improve transparency, and provides information about the data that Facebook shares with third-party businesses. Facebook reports that it uses the information provided to display ads to its users and to make relevant suggestions (another way to say ad).

The new tool gives us a summary of the information and an option to clear your Facebook account.

Off-Facebook activity must be available on desktop and mobile versions of Facebook. Facebook users must open the Service Settings and select "Facebook Information" from the left column and then "Off-Facebook Activity" on the page that opens.

You can see the new Facebook addition from the following link:

Clicking on the link above will open an information page. The page starts with a list of companies or applications that share your data with Facebook. For example

Jane buys a pair of shoes from an online clothing and footwear store.
The store shares Jane's business with us using our business tools.
We received Jane's activity outside of Facebook and saved it to Jane's Facebook account. The activity is saved as "visited the site" Clothes and shoes "and" made a purchase ".
Jane will see a Facebook ad with a -10% discount coupon on the next online shoe or clothing purchase.

More information

You can see your own settings from here.

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