Offensive Security: The new Kali Linux 2019.2 is here

Offensive Security he said today the release of the second rolling version of 2019 for the penetration testing operating system, Kali Linux.

Kali Linux 2019.2 brings the latest and greatest penetration testing tools, as well as a new database synchronized with the repositories of the trial version of the operating system Debian GNU / Linux.Offensive Security Kali Linux

Kali Linux 2019.2 distribution provides, in addition to the latest toolkits and functional and completely new security feature.

The new version, Kali Linux 2019.2, comes with kernel 4.19.28, and GNOME 3.30.2.

The new Kali Linux 2019.2 brings up-to-date packages for applications: seclists, msfpcAnd exe2hex. More information about updates, fixes, and additions, on the official page Kali Bug Tracker Changelog.

Additional details about the 2019.2 version of Kali Linux can be found in the announcement new version

Download the ISO you are interested in:

Kali Linux 64-BitHTTP | Torrent3.2G2019.2
Kali Linux 32-BitHTTP | Torrent3.2G2019.2
Kali Linux LXDE 64-BitHTTP | Torrent3.0G2019.2
Kali Linux MATE 64-BitHTTP | Torrent3.1G2019.2
Kali Linux Light ArmorHTTP | Torrent741M2019.2
Kali Linux KDE 64-BitHTTP | Torrent3.5G2019.2
Kali Linux E17 64-BitHTTP | Torrent3.0G2019.2
Kali Linux XFCE 64-BitHTTP | Torrent3.0G2019.2
Kali Linux Light 64-BitHTTP | Torrent952M2019.2
Kali Linux Light 32-BitHTTP | Torrent950M2019.2
Kali Linux 64-Bit VMware VM  Offensive Security Download Page
Kali Linux 32-Bit VMware VM PAE  Offensive Security Download Page
Kali Linux 64-Bit VirtualBox  Offensive Security Download Page
Kali Linux 32-Bit VirtualBox PAE  Offensive Security Download Page



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