Download Office 16 preview applications for Windows 10

The Monday that passed us first posted on the Greek internet scene, a somewhat "unorthodox" way of acquiring the new 16 Office Preview running the latest build of the upcoming Windows 10 operating 16 preview

It is the first batch of Office applications to launch, and can run on all devices running Windows 10. You can download them from the Windows Store.

You will notice, however, that you can not find them in the Windows Store with a search. It seems that for the time being, the company has blocked them from search results, so you can only download if you have the following links available to you on

Download and test the following Microsoft Office 16 preview applications for Windows 10 from Microsoft's secret links.

Outlook and OneNote applications will be released later when they are optimized for touch screens and mobile devices. According to Microsoft, these applications work on all supported devices, regardless of size.

Preview apps can be used for free at this time. However, Microsoft states that some features may require a special subscription to Office 365 when the final versions are released

See the Word and PowerPoint presentation videos

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