Microsoft has released the new Office 2016 Public Preview

Microsoft just announced at its congress Ignite in Chicago, a new public preview of Office 2016 for Windows desktop devices. This means that everyone can download and test the new suite that will be released in the autumn of 2015.2016 office

The new Office 2016 comes with a number of enhancements and includes built-in cloud access so you can create, open, edit and save your files directly to the cloud from your computer. Office 2016 will provide cloud access from both modern and desktop applications. This will allow you to access your documents from any device running the new Office.

The new Office 2016 suite supports real-time co-writing with users who are connected to Office Online. This means that users of Office 2016 and Office Online can work together on the same documents.

At the same time, Microsoft also announced what it calls smart applications of Office 2016, which can further extend the functionality of the new suite.

For example, Tell Me is a new search tool that works in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and gives you commands for specific activities.

Obviously, there is much more to be discovered in the new Office 2016. Those of you who are interested in trying out the new suite can do so from the links below.

Keep in mind that Office 2016 is still under development at this time, so errors can occur. Also, do not try the application on a computer that you use for your job because Office 2016 will remove earlier versions. The application is expected to be released this year after the official release of Windows 10.

Product key for the Office 2016 Preview

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