Office 2019 Microsoft increases prices

Microsoft recently announced that Windows 10 will be more expensive to sell and seems to follow the same line for Office 2019 products.

While the price of the Student version of Office 2019 remained the same at $ 149.99, the Home & Business version is 9% more expensive compared to the price of Office 2016.
Office 2019

This particular version today costs 249,99 dollars, from 229,99 dollars, according to official webpage.

The most accurate edition of course is Office 2019 Professional, and its price has increased by 10%. So those who want to buy the app will have to pay 439,99 dollars, from 399,99 dollars that cost Office 2016 Pro.

Microsoft has not explained why it increases Office's prices but could be a promotional move for the Office 365 subscription.

Compared to Office 2019, Office 365 as a subscription service will be updated regularly with new features. Office 2019, on the other hand, will not have any new features, and the updates it receives will only be aimed at debugging.


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