Microsoft adds Safe Links to Office 365

Microsoft today announced that later this month, it will release a new security feature to certain Office 365 Pro Plus applications (yes, to the company's subscription service). Microsoft will release the Advanced Threat Protection Safe Links feature, which will prevent end users from accidentally clicking on malicious links.

The security feature will be embedded in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.Office 365

Microsoft has already incorporated the same feature into the Outlook e-mail program for desktop, web, and all mobile versions.

Now it seems that the series of some of Microsoft's most prominent productivity applications has come. When a person tries to open a dangerous connection from Word, Excel or PowerPoint will be taken to a warning page instead of the connection destination. From there, it's up to the end user if he wants to bypass the warning and go to the link's destination.

"We have always intended to provide our customers with an end-to-end, unified and secure experience across all Office 365 applications, and extending the Safe Links feature is an example of our steps towards that goal." his team mentions Office 365 in a blog post.

In Outlook, administrators can prevent users from visiting the destination link from the warning page. Administrators can also see the links that users click.

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