Office Insider and for IOS users

The Office Insider program for iOS devices is for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote.

Those who are interested can visit the link below.Office Insider

How to sign up

Install the app TestFlight on your IOS device. Then click on the following links from your IOS device:

Click the OPEN button in the upper right corner to open the page in the TestFlight application.
In TestFlight, click Accept, and then click Install.

Additional :

If you click on the link without installing TestFlight, you will be taken to a test page and a link to install TestFlight.
Clicking the link from a non-iOS device will take you to a page with information on how to download beta apps.

You can not have final versions and applications from the Insiders program. So, when installing via TestFlight if you already have a final version, you will see a notification that you need to uninstall the existing application for the Insider version.

Of course the within what he asks testers, also promotes its products with also free advertising through Office Insiders. For example, at this moment is also advertising the company by simply mentioning the news.

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