OK Google: End Voice Unlock Mode

If you use “OK Google” the function will change. Google removes the "Unlock with Voice Match" or "Unlock with Voice Match" feature, making it much safer to use.

Right now, by using the "Voice match unlock" feature, you can unlock your device by saying "OK Google". O

Although this feature is very convenient, it is a very serious safety hazard. If someone else's voice looks like yours, then they can easily get full access to your device.

As it seems, Google removes this feature from all devices with Android. It started with the Pixel 3 and 3 XL, but confirmed that it will remove the feature on all other Android devices, including Moto X and pixel XL will be one of the first devices that will lose this function.

Of course, with this increase in security, there will be at least one loss in functionality, but it seems worthwhile.

Devices will continue to be protected by PIN, pattern, passwords, or some biometric verification.



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