ICloud was not violated, Apple responds to the victims of Oleg Pliss

Apple has acknowledged the incident, described on Monday by dozens of users, mostly from Australia, who found a locked iPhone, iPad and Mac and a message from "Oleg PlissTo pay a ransom via PayPal to be able to use smartphones, tablets and computers again.
icloud Oleg Pliss
Locking is considered to have occurred with unauthorized access to iCloud and lockout after the devices were declared "lost". ICloud was not violated, they knew your Apple ID, says Apple.
The discussion at discussions.apple.com has expanded to 22 pages on the second day since 13 first and now there are posts from users in the United States even though they are counted on the fingers. In its brief announcement, Apple states that iCloud was not violated. It urges users - not to mention their number or requests for support - to change their Apple ID, which is usually the user's primary email address. Also, it recommends not to use the same username combination (username, in this case Apple ID) and password to other online services. Those who do not solve the problem (most users report that their devices have already been locked with an unknown passcode) are invited to use the AppleCare subscription service or visit the Apple stores.

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