A court forces a grandmother to delete photos of her grandchildren from social media

A court in the Netherlands has ordered a woman to delete all photos of her grandchildren that she posted on Facebook and Pinterest without their parents' permission. The ruling, issued last week, calls into question what constitutes "personal" use in the age of social media.

According to the BBC, the lawsuit is the result of a dispute between the grandmother and her daughter. As a result, the daughter apparently asked "many times" for the photos of her three minor children to be deleted from social media, but the grandmother refused. The case eventually went to court where, last Wednesday, a judge ruled that the photos should be deleted according to EU General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR).

For those who do not know, the GDPR provides users with complete control over their personal data (including photos), allowing you to request a copy of your data or delete it in certain cases. The law does not regulate "purely personal" use, but the court ruled that "With Facebook, it is possible that the posted photos may be distributed and may end up in the hands of third parties."

Such as pointed out lawyer Neil Brown who specializes in the Internet, telecommunications and technology, if Grandma had made her account more private, she might not have received this treatment.

The grandmother must now remove the photos or pay a fine of € 50 for each day she does not comply, with a limit of up to € 1.000. If she then returns and posts more photos of the children, she will be fined - an extra € 50 per day, again up to € 1.000, until these new photos are removed.

If you are curious and want to investigate the details of this strange case, you can read the full decision on the GDPR. Whether you are at the knife end with your family it is a good idea to monitor these decisions, as they will undoubtedly affect how the GDPR is interpreted.

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