The Lapsus $ team is back

After a short "break", the hacking group Lapsus $ returned. In a post posted on the group's Telegram channel on Wednesday, Lapsus $ reported that they stole 70 GB of data from Globant - an international software development company based in Luxembourg. This company has as customers some of the largest companies in the world.


Images of the stolen data, originally posted by the Lapsus $ group and shared on Twitter by security researcher Dominic Alvieri, show folders with the names of a global company: including DHL, C-Span, and C-Span. French bank BNP Paribas.

The list also includes Facebook and Apple. The data appears to be development material for Globant's BeHealthy application, which is described as software developed in collaboration with Apple to monitor employee health behavior using Apple Watch features.

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The Globant announced the attack on a press release later that day.

"According to our current analysis, the information that was leaked was limited to a specific source code and documentation for projects with a limited number of clients," the company said.

On the Telegram, the Lapsus $ team shared a torrent link with the stolen data and a message stating:

"Officially, we are back from vacation."

For those who did not understand, the arrest of the 16-year-old, who was mentioned as the leader of the team by "reputable" technology sites, did not affect the operational capacity of the team.
The group was not afraid to strike again, so the alleged 16-year-old super hacker reported by the media does not know the details of the identity of the main members of the group.

If he knew the team would try to disappear, or at least not provoke.

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