One month from the consolidation of -

In a few days, we close a month from integrating into the SecNews site. In fact, we can say that the merging of the two web pages is over, except perhaps by some details that are not and will not be visible on our visitors screens. merge iguru

We would like to share with our readers friends - all of you who have been supporting us all these years, some changes that have taken place during this time, but also some that will be made in the future.

Let's look at what we have been busy lately:


  1. Transfer all his publications in its database SecNews.
  2. Enter code for the automatic redirect from the Google results that appear under the domain in the corresponding publication of Secnews after the merge of the databases.
  3. Clean old and install new plugins.
  4. Cleaning the wp-options table from the garbage of older installations and settings.
  5. Clean the database from unused tables.
  6. Clear the tags by deleting words that make more harm than good (see, the, are, you are, many others).
  7. Apply some automations that make editorial life easier.
  8. Apply the theme used by to SecNews data.
  9. Add SecNews to Facebook's Instant Articles
  10. Add to resize font in articles.
  11. Settings for sharing administrative accounts.
  12. Redirect of to
  13. All emails under @ continue to work after new settings.
  14. Create new widgetized page / about.
  15. New .htaccess to /
  16. Many custom functions on functions.php for extra features and more page load speed.
  17. Add Instant Articles for a better user experience from the Facebook page
  18. Continue work for a better rank at

To Do

Naturally, the list of tasks that need to be done to optimize the page and the experience you are experiencing with friends is great.

One of the main issues that we are currently dealing with, besides your daily update, is the stabilization of the CDN.

Changes such as improving the time the page loads and its speed are issues that will be discussed and will be resolved immediately afterwards.

What we would like on our part is to tell us what changes you want to make to get the best experience possible. We await your feedback.

Stay tuned!

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