One Outlook leaked the new client

The new email client for Microsoft Windows Outlook is called "One Outlook". The company has reportedly been preparing it for quite some time, and it seems it is almost ready. Some users have been able to download the new application, but it currently only works for work and educational accounts.


We've been hearing for a long time that the future of Microsoft mail clients will be very similar to Outlook web application and indeed, the new application seems to be exactly the same. It is much lighter and simpler than previous versions of Outlook for Windows and much more powerful than the built-in Mail application to be replaced.

"We appreciate the excitement for our next update and will have more to share in the coming weeks," Scott Stiles, vice president of product management for Outlook, told The Verge.

"The version available for download is an early unsupported trial version of Outlook for Windows and lacks some of the features and enhancements available for beta testers. We encourage our customers to wait for the beta release. ”

The app is supposed to be tested in 2021, with plans to eventually replace other clients this year. Now, it looks like Microsoft will officially announce the new app at the Build developer conference later this month and will replace Mail, Calendar and other versions of Outlook. As for performance? We will have to wait until the beta version is installed.

Switching from one client to another will not be easy, as there are many Outlook users who have a long history with how the application works and the new experience based on the thinnest, cleanest web application will look like a huge discount. This means that at least for a while, Microsoft is likely to continue to develop multiple versions of Outlook for users. However, its way forward is clear: in the future, there will be only one Outlook. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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