OneDrive one year extra storage for duplicate images

Microsoft is apparently planning to make a change to OneDrive storage policies.

The new change, which the company says aims to “improving your Microsoft 365 experience;", will result in photos uploaded to OneDrive counting twice against your storage limit.

one drive linux

An email that was shared by dr. Windows says that starting October 16, 2023, data from photos stored in Gallery and your albums will count separately against Microsoft's total storage limit.

This will result in the same photos taking up twice as much storage space.

For those who don't know, the Gallery is where all the images uploaded to OneDrive end up. However, there is also an optional Albums feature, which can be used to create custom collections of photos and images on the service.

But Microsoft, as it says in the email, is giving its customers a year's worth of storage space to deal with the upcoming change that may affect their storage rates.

The email does not specify the additional storage size, whether it will be the same for all customers or calculated separately. However, the extra storage shall expire one year after its assignment. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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