OnePlus also announces smart TVs

OnePlus is reportedly preparing to expand its business by making TVs. OnePlus, a company known for its telephones, also has a small list of accessories such as wireless headphones.

But none of this is as complicated or expensive as a TV. OnePlus

The news was announced on the OnePlus forum by the head of the company, Pete Lau.

Samsung and Huawei recently announced smart speakers, Apple and Google already have the HomePod and Google Home, respectively, while Microsoft and Sony have the Xbox and PlayStation consoles. OnePlus decided to enter the market with a TV, which has always been at the center of home entertainment.

Η announcement of Lau for the upcoming OnePlus TV, does not reveal any timeline or specifications of the device, but could be the interface for OnePlus' future vision for any smart home.

OnePlus smart TV will be developed by a new division of the company headed by Pete Lau himself. The idea is currently in the early stages of development, and OnePlus is looking for information from friends of the company on how they imagine a future smart TV.


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