OnionFruit Connect connects to TOR with any browser

OnionFruit Connect allows you to use your preferred browser to connect to the TOR network.

Being able to use any browser (you already use) with the TOR network will be a seamless process. OnionFruit Connect

OnionFruit Connect will start the TOR service and then automatically select the proxy server settings allowing your applications to be routed through the TOR network.

The application will tell you that you are protected, confirming that all your internet traffic is passing through the TOR tunnel, and is securely encrypted. This process ensures that every site you visit is transferred across multiple servers, which will help you hide your actions, making any tracking more difficult.

OnionFruit Connect is very easy to install. This will make it easy for anyone to access the TOR network without the need for additional settings for each browser you use (Google Chrome, Opera, Edge, Firefox, and more).

The app also includes automatic updates, download speed monitor and custom landing pages.

Download the application



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